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Rent apartment Luxembourg - Luxembourg city

With more than 110,000 inhabitants at the end of 2017 and more the 150 nationalities represented, Luxembourg city has now passed into a new phase. It has undoubtedly become an international meeting point, a sort of European junction. Perhaps unsurprising given its geographical position, it changed hands a number of times between major European powers of centuries past, and was ruled over at various points by the Holy Roman Emperors, House of Burgundy, the Habsburgs, kings of France and Spain, and eventually the Prussians. From the 16th century to the middle of the 19th century, it was one of the most fortified cities in the world.

The city is divided into 24 districts, mostly radiating out from the old city. These days, the old city centre and its fortifications are a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this area is one of the nicest places to take a stroll. There are numerous guided tours available, or you can grab a bike for a ride over the cobbles, and take in the heady mix of medieval and classical architecture. Gorgeous white and sandy coloured buildings with their distinctive slate grey roofs all cram under the shelter of the fortifications, punctuated by picturesque bridges, rivers, and a surprising amount of lush greenery.

It’s not just the city’s international reputation that is enjoying a new lease of life. Various projects around Luxembourg have caused certain buildings and sites to be re-utilised or re-purposed.  For example, the striking Neumunster abbey.  Despite originally being home to a Benedictine order of monks, it has served time as a prison at various points in its history, but since 2004 has been a major cultural centre, hosting hundreds of events for visitors across the globe.

So, if you have decided to spend some time in Luxembourg, whatever the reason, we agree that you have made an excellent choice. Key Inn can help you to rent an apartment Luxembourg style, corresponding to your criteria. We have studios and apartments available across the city, in the three key areas of Belair, Parc de Merl and Limpertsberg. Belair is on the doorstop of the administrative and financial district; picturesque Parc de Merl is a stone’s throw from Belair, with all the benefits of the park to enjoy; and Limpertsberg is a quieter residential area. Whichever you opt for, all areas are within easy reach of the old town, Ville Haute and

Grund areas, so if sight-seeing features on your itinerary, any of our residences would make a great base for a city break or short stay. Of course, you might just fall in love with the city’s unique charm, and opt for a longer stay. An aparthotel with Key Inn is ideal for giving you that little feeling of home while you’re travelling.

We can accommodate you however you decide to rent an apartment in Luxembourg city, be it a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom, loft or duplex. Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific requests.