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Emergency phonenumbers

Loss of keys

In the event that you loose your keys, please call + 352 27 61 61 1 or use the intercom of your KEY INN Apart-Hotels residence. If you reach the answering machine, do not leave a message but call later. We will assist you as soon as possible.

Fire alarm

In the event that you detect the start of a fire or if the fire alarm is triggered in the residence, you must call urgently the +352 27 61 611 or if you call from your fix phone in your KEY INN apartment dial 09 followed by 27 61 611. If a fire has started, call immediately the fire emergency number 112

Police and emergencies

  • 113 - Police
  • 112 - Doctors, drugstores, hospitals and veterinaries on duty, Emergency Medical Assistance Service, fire department and ambulances.

Neighborhood doctors

Near KEY INN Belair and KEY INN Parc de Merl

  • Doctors: Centre Médical de Belair - 29 Rue Alphonse Munchen - L-2172 Luxembourg - Tel.:45 83 93. Find it
  • Dentists: Mortensen Hans Henrik -20, avenue Guillaume - L-1650 Luxembourg - Tel.:44 97 44 1. Find it

Near KEY INN Limpertsberg

  • Doctors: Centre Médical de Limpertsberg - 30, rue Frantz Seimetz - L-2531 Luxembourg - Tel.:27 85 28 1. Find it
  • Dentists: Cabinet Dentaire des Glacis - 1 Rue des Glacis - L-1628 Luxembourg - Tel.: 22 38 07. Find it

Medical house of Luxembourg city

If you need a general practitioner during the night, week-ends or holidays, go to the Medical House of Luxembourg City located at 59, rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg. How to get there. In case of medical emergency, dial 112.

If you call from the fix phone of your KEY INN apartment, dial the 09 before these emergency numbers.